SDI/DI (Super Digital Inverter/Digital Inverter)
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Latest technology: Newly developed DC twin-rotary compressor, Vector-controlled inverter, Larger propeller fan, High e ciency DC fan motor, High e ciency heat-transfer and New grille design has excellent efficiency, not only under rated EER conditions, but also during partial load which is the larger part of actual operating conditions.

Low-noise design: If the outdoor temperature is 30°C or less, operates at under 45 dB

The industry’s first magnetic-action control

The new structure allows a huge reduction in energy loss. The balanced magnetic-action force to rise and the rotor’s weight minimized the friction laid on the axis provides excellent operation efficiency.


Outdoor temperature operating range in heating (Wider heating operation)

Heater operation is possible starting from an outdoor temperature of -20°C, while cooling operation is possible at -15°C outdoor temperature. Creates a comfortable space even during cold winters.


Frost protection

8°C operation for frost protection is possible for the combination with Super Digital Inverter. (4-Way and Slim Duct series 4)


Sub cool path

Improve reliability for smooth drainage. The outdoor unit of New Super Digital Inverter is equipped with “Sub cool path” Preventing freeze under a heat exchanger. (Only 3HP to 6HP)


Compatible with pipes up to 75 meters long

Enable the outdoor unit to be installed out of sight increases installation flexibility.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to save the earth and increase energy savings with digital technology that provides superior control and cost efficiency with the DC invertor compressor. Super-accurate rotation of an environmentally sustainable compressor results in power savings of up to 50%* (compared to AC Fixed Speed compressors) and quieter operation.

With the fast increasing waste stream, we aim to minimize the impact of electronic goods on the environment. Such inspiration helps us to limit the quantity of waste stream infiltrating into the final disposal by applying the recyclable plastics.

Year 2017 Latest Projects

PT Indokordsa: Pengadaan Chiller Carrier Centrifugal with auto cleaning condensor 1300 TR - 1 set and 650 TR - 1 set


RS Gambiran Kediri: Pengadaan VRF Carrier 300 TR, AHU Carrier VSD complete with heater for surgery room 4000 CMH btuh x 6 sets , Modular Chiler Carrier 20 TR x 3 units


Torabika: pengadaan Carrier Water Cooled Screw Chiller 125 TR x 4 sets